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Music Program – Marshall Middle School offers both and Orchestra and Concert Band elective for our students 6th-8th grade.  Mr. Robert Lawe is our music director this year.  He previously was the director of the award winning Garey HS Marching Band.  All students perform 3 times a year at the fall, winter, and spring concerts.



At Marshall your student can be enrolled in either beginning Orchestra or beginning concert band.  Orchestra students can select from the Violin, Viola,

Cello, and Stand Up Bass.  Beginning students are taught how to read music, follow and produce rhythms, tune their own instruments.


Concert Band:

At Marshall your student can be enrolled in beginning or advanced concert band based on their musical experience.  Concert band offers Marshall Mustangs a wide range of possible instruments from different instrument families:  Percussion, Woodwinds, and Brass.  Student may play the flute, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, bass drum, and French Horn.  Students in the Advanced Concert Band class have the opportunity to practice with the Ganesha Marching Band every Monday and Friday from 2:30-4:00.  Marshall students will participate in every Ganesha home football game as part of the band as well as participate in the Marching Band Parades such as the Pomona Christmas Parade.


Art:  Marshall also offers 8th graders the opportunity to take an Intro to Art class at Ganesha High School.  Mr. Thorpe provides an intro to art class that provides students with preparation for taking ART 1 their Freshman Year.  Students report to Ganesha for period 1 and then are escorted back to Marshall’s campus for the rest of the day.