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Eric Rendon - Marshall Alumni graduating from Arizona State and starting a career in law enforcement.

My name is Eric Rendon and promoted from Marshall Middle School back in 2006. I moved to Arizona and attended Williams Field High School where I excelled in Academics and played 3 sports. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona and I am in my final semester of my Senior year. My degree will be in Criminal Justice and with that degree I will be able to work in many areas such as being a Police Officer or even a Social Worker. I currently am doing an internship for Maricopa County Juvenile Court where I speak for a child in court when they have no one to speak for them. I am known as a CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocate, and it has been a great and rewarding experience so far. My ultimate goal is to become a Police Officer either here in Arizona for for the LAPD. Also, since I am getting my Bachelors Degree, I also would like to pursue a career with a Federal Law Enforcement Agency like the U.S Marshals. With my semester coming to a near end I have been actively reaching out to many organizations within my field and I am happy to say I recently got a position as a Counselor for at risk youth at Canyon State Academy. This is currently my first job offer that will allow me to use what I have learned the last 4 years at Arizona State University. My advice to the Marshall Mustangs is to never give up on any goal. No matter how difficult the road may be, always strive to do your best but never quit. I myself ran into hard obstacles along the way in life, but maintained focus and pursued what I felt was most important to me. So always know that you can achieve all your goals with the right mentality and there’s no dream too big.