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Dress Code



At Marshall Middle School we strive to provide a positive learning environment whereby students can be focused on learning.  We believe that a Standardized Dress Policy helps promote school safety and students can attend school daily focused on what they are learning.


The following Dress Code Policy will be in effect for the 2019-20 school year:

  • Polo Shirts colors will be assigned by grade level:
  • 6th Grade – White
  • 7th Grade – Grey
  • 8th Grade - Black
  • Pants/Jeans may be worn by both girls and boys in their appropriate size. No tattered, torn, faded, over sized, sagging or too small jeans/pants allowed. NO Athletic wear, basketball shorts or sweatpants allowed. Jeans that have tattered patterns or patches are not allowed. Colors: solid blue, black and beige.
  • Tights and leggings may not be worn as a substitute for pants/jeans.
  • Leggings may not be worn under torn jeans.
  • Shorts may be worn by both girls and boys in the same solid Shorts must be no shorter than six (6) inches above the knee.  No cut-offs.
  • Skirts may be worn in the same solid colors no more than the length of your arm when hanging of your side. Skirts that are exceedingly tight may not be worn. No leggings.  Socks in solid colors only.
  • Students are encouraged to wear tennis shoes only for safety reasons. No open shoes or flip-flops.
  • Students are encouraged to wear school logo shirts, sweaters and jackets that will be available to order during the school year. Jackets must be the same designated colors with no logos other than school colors.
  • PE. clothes may be purchased during registration. If purchased elsewhere, only black shorts and grey t-shirts are recommended. During inclement weather students may wear sweats with grey sweatshirt and black bottoms.
  • No hats on campus. The policy for confiscated hats will be the same as the policy for electronics.
  • Hats confiscated by any School Staff Member will be given to the Office Manager to be logged, noted, and tracked in the computer,
  • 1st Incident: Student will be able to pick up the hat from the Main Office after school from 2:15 pm to 2:30 pm. Student will be given a warning as to what will happen if a hat is confiscated from him/her a second time.
  • 2nd Incident: Student’s Parent/Legal Guardian (whichever is listed on the Emergency Card) must come to the Main Office to sign for the hat.  Parent/Legal Guardian must provide photo ID to verify their identity.
  • 3rd Incident: Confiscated hat will be retained and kept secure in the Main Office until the end of the school year in June and will require a Parent/Legal Guardian to pick up. Parent/Legal Guardian must provide photo ID to verify their identity.


The Marshall Middle School Dress Code Policy will be in effect at all times on campus, except on designated Marshall Spirit Shirts, Free Dress Days and or Saturday events.  Students will be required to change into appropriate dress if out of compliance and may be subject to appropriate Administration/Parent conference.



Parents of students who are in violation of the Dress Code will be called to assist in resolving the problem.  If a parent is unavailable to bring a change of clothing, students will be required to wear a ‘loaner’ shirt.  Student will be assigned a one (1) hour detention and parent will be notified via In-Touch call.  A parent conference will be required for repeated Dress Code violations.