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Academic Information

Marshall Middle School provides each student access to California State Standards. Marshall Middle School uses a standards based instructional model. Parents and students are also provided access to their own academic and personal information via ‘Student Connect’ and ‘Parent Connect.’ Students will be provided online credentials at school. Parents, please come to the Main Office to receive your username and password, and a short training on how to use Parent Connect.



  • October 1-3: District Assessment (DIA 1) – English Language Arts and Mathematics 6th Grade
  • October 15-17th District Assessment (DIA 1) English Language Arts and Mathematics 7th-8th
  • December 2-4: District Assessment (DIA 2) – English Language Arts and Mathematics
  • March 2 – May 6: CAASP Summative Assessment


Standardized Testing

CAASP testing has taken the place of the previous CST testing. These tests are designed to track the progress your child is making in mastering the Common Core Standards adopted last year by the State of California. The testing is done entirely on-line and begins in April and last approximately 5 weeks.



Marshall Middle School is required to test all limited English proficient students, using CELDT, yearly to determine a student’s English language proficiency level.


DISTRICT Interim Assessments (DIA)

These assessments are given throughout the year in Reading/Lang. Arts, Math and Science to inform teachers and parents of student progress on Common Core State Standards.



  • To achieve Proficient or Advanced levels on CAASP (California Assessment of Student Progress)
  • To achieve 80% or better on DIA (District Interim Assessments).
  • To reclassify 10% or more of English Language Learners on CELDT (California English Language Development Test).
  • To meet the State’s API goal (Academic Performance Index). Current API: 693
  • To meet AYP (Average Yearly Progress) proficiency for all subgroups:
    • Hispanic
    • Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
    • English Learners
    • Foster Students
     A             Outstanding                                                                       O            OutstandingC            Average                                                                            N            Needs ImprovementF             Failing (Contact school immediately)                NM         No Mark (for new students)Information regarding grading procedures and course descriptions will be provided to parents during Back-to-School Night.
  • D            Below Average (Contact school)                                      U            Unsatisfactory
  • B             Above Average                                                                 S             Satisfactory
  • ACADEMIC MARKS                                                                      CITIZENSHIP MARKS


  • Intervention Programs – ST Math, ELD 3D, Study Skills Lab
  • Schedule changes (to reflect academic needs of students)
  • AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
  • GATE (Gifted and Talented Education)
  • Honors
  • Academic Placement Protocol
  • My CS Computer Science

Students at proficiency level or above may take Band, Educational Media Technology, Study Skills (English or Math), or Office/Teacher Aide as an elective. Students who HAVE NOT reached proficiency in Reading/Language Arts and/or Math are REQUIRED to take Reading/Language Arts support and/or Math support, instead of traditional electives.



Parents may make a request for mental health services that are provided through Pomona Unified School District.  These services include but are not limited to one-on-one, group, family, and substance abuse counseling.  Please make an appointment with Administration if interested in a Mental Health Referral.  If your child is covered Med-Cal please bring their information to your meeting.



Students should use a durable backpack so that wear and tear on school materials may be minimized.  Athletic equipment (basketballs, footballs, etc.) not specifically requested by a teacher is not permitted on the school grounds.  Bags should be clearly marked with the student’s name.  No tagging will be allowed on backpacks, books, etc.



Homework will be assigned regularly.  The amount of assignments will depend upon the subject needs and capabilities of each individual student.  Homework assignments in grades 6 – 8 should average a minimum of 60 minutes daily.  Parents, please check/monitor your child’s Agenda Planner daily.  Please set up a designated time and place for your child to do their homework daily and have your child read 20 – 30 minutes in addition to any homework assignments.



When a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to contact the teacher(s) and get the homework for the day.  Parent requests may be made by calling the Main Office at (909) 397-4532.  Homework requests that are made prior to 9:00am may be picked up the same day.  Requests for homework made after 9:00am may be ready for pick up the next school day.  Please call ahead to verify that work has been left in the Main Office.



Students are responsible for all school textbooks issued to them and for books checked out from the Library.  Students MUST present their student identification card when checking out textbooks and/or Library books.  Students are liable for damaged, lost or stolen textbooks and/or Library books and will be held financially responsible.  Students with unpaid book fines may not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.  This can possibly result in a District “hold” being placed on official documents such as transcripts, as outlined in District Board Policy. Records and grades may be withheld until books have been paid. Students will be provided with adequate school materials and supplies that include: pencils, paper, an agenda planner and a three ring binder with subject dividers for class assignments. The agenda planner and three-ring binders must be carried with the student to each class. Students will be provided the necessary supplemental materials for classroom participation as needed. Abuse of materials will be subject to disciplinary action. Furthermore, it is the Law (Williams Settlement) that all students must have a set of core textbooks at home. The school will provide class sets for instructional purposes.



Grade reports are mailed home at the end of each quarter (every ten weeks). In addition, progress reports are mailed out every five (5) weeks. Parents should contact the school if they do not receive one of the reports. If grades are not satisfactory (any D or F), a parent conference can be made by calling the Main Office and speaking with our counselor. Marshall also holds Parent Conferences in the Fall. Parents will receive more information prior to the scheduled date.



The District Promotion Retention Policy will be followed. We expect all ‘Marshall Mustang’ students to be personally and socially responsible citizens. The privilege of participating in the year-end activities will be granted only to students who demonstrate that they have met this standard. Failure to consistently adhere to ALL of the standards of behavior outlined at the beginning of the school year, for the remainder of the school year, will result in the loss of 8th grade activity privileges. This includes but is not limited to referrals to the Main Office, habitual gum chewing, dress code violations and tardies. Parents will be notified by telephone and U.S. mail if their child is in danger of having his/her privileges revoked.


Marshall 8th Grade Promotion Policy:

  1. Students who are receiving more than one (1) ‘F’ per semester will be excluded from participating in the Promotion ceremony.
  2. Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA at the end of the school year.
  3. 8th Grade students must earn 25pts in the Accelerated Reader program.
  4. Students who in the last 2 months of school (April – May) receive Office Referrals and/or suspensions for serious infractions such as fighting, disrespect, and defiance of authority, will lose selected or all end of the year activities and may be excluded from participating in the promotion ceremony. Parents will be contacted.
  5. All textbooks MUST BE RETURNED in good condition. All markings must be erased. Damaged books will be fined. If the textbooks are lost, you will be required to pay for them. All Library books and fines must be cleared. Failure to clear all fines will result in the student’s grades being held. Please feel free to contact the school to make sure your child is cleared and is able to participate in the ceremony.

Again, only students who have successfully completed the 8th grade will participate in the promotional exercise and the activities planned for the end of the year.