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General Information


Parents, there are times when you need to request that your child leave campus for medical appointments, etc. Someone listed on the emergency card must pick up students at the Main Office and provide photo identification. Students will not be released to anyone who is not on the emergency card and does not have a valid photo identification. We encourage you to set appointments for after school or Saturdays.


Parents are to pick up students prior to or after the scheduled lunch period. Please do not pick up your student during the lunch period. Parents and guardians will not be allowed to enter the lunch area to pick up their child.



Daily dismissal is at 2:15 pm unless your student is under the direct supervision of a teacher or other staff member (tutoring, sports, ASB, or other extracurricular event). All students are to leave the campus by 2:30 pm.


LUNCH is scheduled:


Monday & Wednesday 11:52 am – 12:25 pm 

On Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 

12:05 pm – 12:35 pm.



Parents are responsible for:

  • Ensuring their child’s meal application has been received and approved by Food Services.
  • Paying for their child’s school meals on a daily basis or for making arrangements to Prepay.

All students will be given the opportunity to purchase a hot tray lunch in our cafeteria. Sandwiches, milk and other beverages will be sold through the snack bar. Prices will be posted in the area. Students are expected to:

  1. Pay for their lunch or participate in the District’s free and reduced lunch program.
  2. Stand in line and wait their turn.
  3. Eat in the Cafeteria or snack bar area.
  4. Keep the table areas clean.
  5. Return trays and trash to designated area.
  6. Use good table and eating manners.
  7. Stay behind the red, white, and blue line during lunch period.
  8. Never take food or drinks beyond the designated line.

Students throwing food or creating problems in the Cafeteria will be subject to discipline. There is NO off campus privileges for lunch.



Please mark all clothing items, lunches and book bags with name and grade. Lost articles are the sole responsibility of the students. Check the Library for lost books.




Parents are not to contact their student directly by phone call or text message. Messages from parents are to be left in the Main Office. The students will be allowed to come to pick-up all other items left for them in the Office. Students will not be allowed to call home when they have forgotten an assignment, book, P.E. clothes, permission slips, etc.



Please notify the Main Office if your family is planning to move and will be changing addresses. We need to update and maintain our school records. If you are moving and will be attending another school, a parent or legal guardian must come in or notify the Main Office. All textbooks must be returned to the Library before withdrawal paperwork will be released.



All students attending Marshall Middle School on an INTRA-District Transfer or INTER-District Transfer will be monitored by the following criteria:

  • Must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA and no F’s in core classes.
  • Must not have ANY major or severe disciplinary/behavioral incidents.
  • Must not have more than two (2) minor disciplinary/behavioral infractions.

If a student falls below the above criteria, the transfer may be revoked.



Marshall Middle School encourages parents to become partners in their child’s academic programs. We invite parents to visit Marshall and to participate in our activities. Parents are welcome to become part of the Marshall Family. A monthly Parent Involvement Calendar will be mailed home to inform you of the schools activities. Parents are requested to participate in one or more of the following:

  1. School Site Council
  2. English Language Acquisition Committee also known as the Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC)
  3. School Advisory Council/Title I
  4. Act as volunteers. (Applications are available in the Main Office. Our office manager is available to assist parents in the completion of all volunteer packets that must be submitted to the School District for approval or contact the Administrative Office.)
  5. Attend the monthly, ‘Principal’s Coffee” meeting's with our Principal.
  6. Observe daily classroom practice. Parents interested in visiting their child’s classroom must come to the Main Office, sign in and obtain a Visitor’s Pass before entering campus.

Parents are encouraged to attend Back-to-School Night, Parent Conferences, Open House and other student related activities (dances, sporting events, etc.). If you have any concerns or questions, please call the Principal or the Assistant Principal at (909) 397-4532.



Students are not allowed to have any form of medication, including aspirin in their possession. No medications will be given at school without a Prescription Medication Authorization form completed and signed by the doctor and parent. If you have asthma and need to have an inhaler in the Health Office, please see the Nurse for a medication form. You MUST wear your prescription glasses in school at ALL times. Please notify the Health Office of any health problems.



Students are expected to do their part to keep the restrooms and halls clean, orderly, and free of litter, defacement and graffiti. If it is necessary for students to use the restrooms during the class time, they must wear the yellow vest that is used as a bathroom pass. It is not expected that students should be using the restroom pass on a daily basis. Students should use the restroom before school, at nutrition break, lunch, or after school. Students that are found to be abusing the use of the restroom will have their privileges limited to breaks only. Students should not gather in large groups that block the passage for other students. Food and loitering ARE NOT allowed in the restrooms.



The use of the Office telephones is only in an extreme emergency. Students MAY NOT call home for forgotten homework, books, P.E. clothes, permission slips, for a ride home (emergencies only), etc. Cell phones are NOT to be used during school hours.




In accordance with District policy and procedures, anyone coming on to the school ground while school is in session MUST report to the Main Office to sign in and state reason for visit. A Marshall Visitor pass MUST be worn at all times during the visit.



Our counselor is available to meet with students as appropriate. If you are concerned about your child and are interested in counseling please make an appointment to meet with the assistant principal or counselor so that they can make a referral for your child.


There are two types of referrals for counseling that can be made. Social Emotional and Drug/Alcohol. If you notice serious changes in your child’s behavior at home or at school please do not hesitate to contact our office and ask to speak to our counselor's. If your child is covered by Medi-Cal please bring that information to any meeting



In compliance with Williams Legislation, Pomona Unified School District ensures that District schools will:

  • Provide EACH student (including English learners) with sufficient core textbooks and other instructional materials necessary for classroom and home use, as per the CA Ed. Code 35186(f)(1); and
  • Make every attempt to have NO teacher vacancies or mis-assignments for the school year, as per the CA Ed. Code 35186(f)(3); and
  • Assure the community of clean, safe school facilities, to be maintained properly and in good repair, as per the CA Ed. Code 35186(f)(2) and 35186(e)(3).

If you do not think these requirements are being met, request a meeting with the School Site Administrator. If you are not satisfied, you may obtain a Uniform Complaint Form (Senate Bill 550) at the school site’s Main Office, District Office Legal Office, or the District’s website, www.pusd.org.